Masterplan in Triskell

We are pleased to publish this new release for Triskell – TRISKELL FALL 2017, which provides several new
capabilities, UI improvements feature enhancements and bug fixes.

The main improvements included in this release are:

• Capability for each user to order icons in the top-menu bar
• Capability to filter Master Plan and Kanban from the data grid for any dataobject
• Capability to set colors on Time-phased attributes to highlight gaps between versions
• Several improvements on Time-phased attributes (profiles, saving defaults, moving several rows …)
• Several improvements on simulations to boost performance and usability
• New option in grids to show or hide page totals
• Improvement on the search feature in grids: it now applies on all data, not just to the one displayed on the page
• Improvement on the way Primary Entities are managed in order to save change history
• New option in resource panels to reconsolidate Assignments in the top panel
• Several improvements and defect fixing on the Gantt feature
• Several improvements on the technical framework to improve stability, performance, and security
• Several UI and navigation improvements which should please our end-users

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