Triskell Highlights

Triskell is unique on the Project Portfolio Management Market

The difference: Triskell combines powerful technology and an extremely flexible platform.

Triskell provides solutions to manage different Business portfolios. From the Department of Finance to Marketing, through IT, R & D, etc. Triskell enables to handle the complexity of organizations with their specific management requirements.
Triskell provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to manage different business objectives into a single platform. With Triskell, your organization can create, analyze, combine, add, link…, different portfolios and each maintain a repository of objects completely different.

Designed by world leading experts in modeling corporate solutions, model technologies and “Triskell Cloud” offer an incredibly scalable platform with unrivalled ease of use and ability to connect in parallel a large number of people and handle massive data.

Why SaaS solution?

Get Started Quickly

100% Cloud – Software as a Service means:

+ No local Hardware.

+ No Installation.

+ No local Upgrades.

+ No Data Migration…

Triskell has the highest ROI & Lowest TCO of all PPM Solutions.

Scaled for Large Companies

Triskell is designed to handle 10,000s of resources, projects, demands, risks, tasks …

It includes natively:

+ Screen paging mechanism to limit the volume of data sent to the client.

+ Advanced filtering and sorting.

+ Data Flow compression and encryption.

+ Security and configuration per Business Unit.

Business Self Service

Using Triskell could not be easier:

+ No local infrastructure required sign-up and start using Triskell.

+ Building Solution Objects with a few clicks – Extremily fast and intuitive.

+ Less expenses on time, effort and cost.

+ User-friendly UI-Its logic and consistency speed up the user training process.

+ 24/7/365 Service – We just need a few minutes per month to update Triskell.

Real-time Enhancements

Our main goal is to help businesses to get benefits quickly and to keep up with the pace of change. Triskell is designed to be intuitive, transparent, and hassle-free, allowing Customers to address new business stakes without having to wrestle with Technology.

Highly Customizable

The needs of Companies and Users evolve over time: With Triskell, you can activate new features or extend the scope & coverage of your Solution very easily.
And more importantly, for Free.

100% Tablet Compatibility

Triskell is designed for Mobility. In 2015, 50 % of information will be read primarily with smartphone or tablets.
With Triskell, you can do it now!

Triskell Cloud Platform is the smartest alternative to traditional PPM Solutions as it is far cheaper and easier to implement

It allows your Company to focus on its main goal:

Getting the biggest and fastest Return On Investment, instead of devoting its efforts and costs to configure, customize and integrate the Solution with the Company Information System, its business rules, security policies, etc…

The Cloud Platform offers you the following benefits:


Triskell Software ensures a complete privacy of its customers and guarantees the confidentiality of their data through several security layers (physical, electronic and functional).

Access to information is controlled by strict security procedures:

+ Only a few Triskell Software employees can access customer information and data for support & issue analysis purposes. This implies a customer agreement for us to do so.

+ No customer information or data is stored on external devices like employee computers. All data is encrypted on our Servers

+ Our Saas security procedures include employee training and monitoring. Our people have signed a confidentiality agreement and periodic controls are made to ensure its respect.

In addition, all data stored in Triskell is secured by functional roles and users cannot access any information without proper privileges granted by those roles.

Triskell security includes natively:

+ SSL Encryption 256.

+ Intrusion Detection.

+ Configuration to allow user connections only from restricted IP addresses.

+ Multiple Triskell environments for testing & training.

+ Load testing.

+ Load balancing on application servers.

+ Immediate alerts to Triskell support team on any technical issue occuring on the server: state and activity, intrusions, software bug…

Disaster recovery plan in case of server critical error.

Fulfilments of Saas Standards

Triskell cloud platform runs on level 1 data centers to ensure compliance with the following Standards:

+SAS 70 Type II

+SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402

+SOC 2

+ISO 27001

Business Continuity

Triskell runs on high-performance data centers, which guarantee accessibility, performance and safety.Our data centers offer a 24/7/365 service.


Triskell is designed to support organizations from the for smallest local ones to the largest international ones. You can multiply by 1000s the number of Triskell users and projects without having to resize any physical or logical component.

The under-utilisation of hardware based on hypothetical future needs is something that Triskell Software has pushed into history.


All customers share the same version of Triskell web application. We keep the possibility to upgrade or maintain our platform every Saturday between 8:00 and 12:00 GMT +1.