Who are We?

Our Company – Triskell Software LLC

Founded in 2010, Triskell Software LLC is an American Company having its headquarters in Doral – Florida, but which is deeply rooted in Europe.

Its name Triskell finds its origins back to the Antic Greece (Triskeles or Triskelion).

The symbol has been represented in most European countries at different periods of time and even on some national and regional flags: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, England and many other countries.

We do think that Triskell represents perfectly our goals and values:

Capitalizing on our long-term experience in company-wide Portfolio Management Solutions and on our functional & technological skills, we want to provide our Customers with the most adapted, flexible, powerful and user-friendly PPM solution on the Saas market today. And most importantly, at the right price for them.

+ We don’t want to design and sell another pale copy of the existing leading solutions as we know those solutions cannot address properly today’s customer needs and business challenges.

We treat our customers with honour, respect and professionalism, which is for us the only path for mutual success.

+ We develop a strong European Partner Network, based on those core values.

+ We extend our business and market to other countries that share the same vision of business and customers.

Our main European offices are located in Paris, Madrid and Lisbon.
Our Partner Network covers today Asia, Europe and South America.

Triskell Software vertical logo

Our Team

Issued from one of the major worldwide software vendors in Project Portfolio Management area over the last 35 years, our international core team can justify over 150 cumulated years of experience in PPM software development, solution design and implementation, customer support, training and consultancy.

Supported by our network of partners and distributors, we had been implementing during those years hundreds of solutions for customers around the world in different business sectors (IS/IT, High-Tech, pharma, government agencies, industry) and have developed with our clients long-term win-win relationships.

Our expertise in the PPM market, in its requirements, needs and constrains, but also in Customer Custom Solutions is based on this experience-based Knowledge acquired by all our team members over the years.