LIMAGRAIN’s IT Department chooses Triskell Software for its project portfolio management

Created four years ago, the IT Department of the first European seed company LIMAGRAIN chose the Triskell Software platform to address several major challenges and improve its Project Portfolio Management practices.

“The flexibility of the Triskell platform, the uniform and intuitive ergonomics of the solution and the true consulting approach in project implementation were decisive in choosing Triskell” explains Stéphane Biscolli, Finance & Organization Manager at the Group’s IT.

“Like many companies, Limagrain’s IT is facing increasing economic constraints and performance requirements with respect to its client departments, we have to manage several large ERP projects that require specific methodology and project monitoring” adds Stéphane Biscolli. “But our priority with Triskell will be the industrialization of the projects engagement process which must be operational by the end of the year for the year 2016.”

The choice of a SaaS solution was quickly imperative to the IT Dept. “We did not have the time to set up dedicated computer architecture for this project given the tight deadline” adds Jean-Luc Lapeyre – Global PMO of the IT Dept. “The PMO function is relatively recent to the IT, our maturity on PPM is variable even within the IT Dept given our history and we understood that Triskell would address these various requirements within a single management instance. The project will start mid-September and we hope that the project fully meets our expectations.”

The project will be launched in agile and incremental mode. “This approach is made easy by the Triskell SaaS solution that allows implementing the main functionalities according to the customer’s time constraints, we simply manage customer backlog priorities” explains Benjamin Ellenbogen, Associate of Easis Consulting in charge of the implementation part of the project. “As against some traditional PPM solutions, it is very simple to go back to a setup and a configuration with Triskell, there are no specifics and we adapt to the customer’s challenges.”

The selected project approach will therefore be flexible, a first version of the solution will be in production by Q4 2015 and the solution will then be spread more widely to every actor of the IT Dept and on various roles according to the priority challenges defined by the CIO and his Finance and Organization team.