With TriskelI you can define the exact Application Portfolio Management system you need.

In order to visibly choose with confidence which applications to invest in, retire, or upgrade to, to fit your company strategy.

Image Triskell-Application-Portfolio

Clear picture for accurate decisions.

Lack of visibility limits your strategic decision-making regarding investments, resourcing, and lifecycle.
Triskell allows you to keep stock and clearly manage your application and technology portfolios in a single shared central location, tracking and capturing relevant metrics such as costs, lifecycle dates, ownership and health assessments.
Identify business benefits for each application and make better decisions to reduce costs and improve efficiency in your IT application portfolio organization.

Smart Inventory

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Business Strategy

Maximize Application Benefits

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Better It Governance

Save cost.

Up to 80% of your IT budget can be tied up in keeping the lights on and supporting redundant, no longer used or low-value applications. Triskell APM helps you to modernize your portfolio of Application,  optimize your budget and predict resource and monetary expenditures.

True Cost Analysis.

Make the true cost of sustaining & investing in your applications available. Monitor budget, time spend, application purchase, maintenance and operation costs. Report on estimates versus actuals for application portfolios.
Optimization aligning applications to strategy and goals. With Triskell Application Management capabilities allow better align IT and the business.

Get rid of Excel spreadsheets.

Thanks to Triskell’s extreme flexibility you will be able to setup the perfect Application Portfolio Management system for your organization, giving you the opportunity to meet everyone’s needs in a single, centralized, easy to use and flexible solution. The approach gives you the flexibility of a spreadsheet, but without all the aggravation of copy and paste to apply the calculations to every project. It’s simple, powerful, flexible … and much less error prone than using a spreadsheet.

Extreme Flexibility to give you Total Control

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Extreme Flexibility