Triskell provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to manage different business objectives onto a single platform. With Triskell, your organization can create, analyze, combine, add and link…, different portfolios and each maintain a repository of objects that are completely different.

Multiple Portfolios

Triskell allows users to create several portfolio structures to manage, for instance, products, projects, maintenances, applications, investments and more.
Portfolios can be hierarchical (i.e. program / projects / work package).
They can include several types of objects. For instance, an IT portfolio may include projects, maintenances, support activities, risks, deliverables, tasks and issues.
Each portfolio can have its own breakdown structure, with custom roles and objects attached.
Portfolios can be attached to organizations. For example, the IT department can manage the IT portfolio,  while the R&D manages the product portfolio.

Unified Portfolio Management

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Feature Advanced Multiples-Portfolio

For the whole organization

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Feature Multiples-Organizations

Multiple Organizations

Triskell allows creating several management structures (mainly organizations) to manage departments, teams, customers and internal clients…
Organizations can be hierarchical (i.e business unit / departments / teams).
Each Organization can have its own breakdown structure, with custom roles and objects attached.
Management Structures can be used to manage budgets, users & resources, ownerships (i.e. a project is attached to a department), financial & headcount capacity and more.

One tool for everyone, that is the real Enterprise Portfolio Management

Triskell has been designed to let you modelize your own Portfolio Management system to manage:
Any kind of project, portfolio, program…
Any business, project methodology.
Any workflow to support your own business flow.
Any kind of business object with as many attributes as you want.
For anyone in the enterprise.

Different needs; one single tool

Image Triskell PPM-Factory One Enterprise Software for All