Triskell offers a comprehensive range of reporting and analytics options. Configurable Dashboards, Score Cards, Reports and Datamart ensure that you get the right information, at the right time.

Reporting,  Analytics  Dashboards for clear visibility

Triskell allows users to easily customize and create their own dashboards, score cards, and reports to gain necessary visibility onto business performance within and across portfolios.

Reporting with Microsoft Excel

Triskell not only support simple data export to Microsoft Excel, but it also allows users to automatically extract data to be exploited in Microsoft Excel reports, defined by yourself, according to your needs. This way, without also having to purchase specialized OLAP tool, you take advantage of any Microsoft Excel advanced features such as Pivot Tables, conditional styling, and drill-downs to analyse project data.

Smart Data Analysis

Triskell PPM-Factory Smart Data Analysis -Image

Simple and Flexible Datamart

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Feature Dynamic Datamart for Reporting

Dynamic Datamart for Reporting

Triskell includes a dynamic datamart that can be used for reporting and interfaces:
Automatic refresh as soon as data is updated – no manual process or delay.
Any data managed in Triskell is accessible through the datamart.
Data stores can be built in Triskell on the datamart to extract data – no extra development needed.
Data stores can include parameters to make them even more customizable.
Custom reports can be built on these data stores. Output can be processed in Triskell or in MS Excel (with templates for layout and extra-calculation or graphs).