Because of its Unique Model, Triskell allows you to Define the exact Portfolio Management Solution YOU need, with no compromise regarding functionality neither with easy of use.

 Triskell has been designed to be able to meet everyone’s needs within weeks.
 Get Rid of never ending implementation workshops, Gap Analysis, and Customization.
 No need for IT developers or IT people to add, removes functionalities, this way you easily get a tool according to your needs and Portfolio and PPM Management maturity
Image Triskell-design-perfect-portfolio-solution

Step 1 > Define Portfolio(s)

Define Your Strategy, Model your Organization(s), Define your Portfolio Structures(s)

Triskell allows you to define different Business portfolios the way you need it. From the Department of Finance to Marketing, through IT, R & D, etc. Triskell enables you to handle the complexity of organizations with their specific management requirements.

Multi-Portfolio, Multi-organization.

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Multi-Portfolio, Multi-organization

Step 2 > Defines Business Objects

Project, Budget, Request, Risk, Gates, Product, Applications

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Feature Advanced Object Modelization

Advanced Modelization to define Object you want to manage in your Portfolio(s).

With Triskell you can create as many management objects as your solution requires with only a few clicks: projects, products, risks, tasks, deliverables, departments, teams, customers, contracts and much more.

Rich and powerful features to define and manage any business object.

Step 3 > Defines attributes, workflows, relations

Defines business rules and properties.

Triskell allows you to define the following for each object:
  • A lifecycle.
  • An unlimited number of custom attributes.
  • An unlimited number of custom relationships with other objects: projects can be attached to products and departments, risks to deliverables, issues to customers, tasks to issues and so on.
  • And much more….


Image Triskell PPM-Factory Define your Solution

Step 4 > Add users, roles and permissions.

Manage Users and Access Rights

Image Triskell PPM-Factory User Access Rights

Defines Who can do What and When.  

With Triskell you can define access right to any objects based on roles and lifecycle; it supports an unlimited number of custom roles defining the access rights. Security and configuration can be different for each business unit.
Add users. Triskell is designed to support organizations from the smallest local ones to the largest international ones.

Step 5 > Start using the system and let it evolve.

Up and Running in a few days.

Triskell is so flexible and powerful that the first version of your system will be available in a very short time.

The needs of Companies and Users evolve over time:

With Triskell, you can activate new features or extend the scope & coverage of your Solution very easily.

And more importantly, for Free.

Limited only by your Needs and your Imagination

Immage Triskell PPM-Factory Limited only by your Imagination