Triskell helps IT Managers to ensure that IT investments:

  • are made at the right time to help support their organization’s business strategy and rapid growth,

  • while demonstrating IT value for the Enterprise.

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Clear View of your IT Portfolio.

Triskell allows  centralizing IT portfolio data for analysis and reporting. It allows you to get project portfolios, application portfolios, service portfolios and more under control.  Triskell provides visibility of all portfolio components, including their current status, allocated resources and expenses.

Demand Management

Improves business performance by centralizing demand, planning, and budgeting for seamless project delivery from beginning to end. Easy to use and powerfull scoring model to evaluate demand and align priority with Stategy and business goals.

IT under Control

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Accurate Finance Tracking

IT as a real Asset

Image Triskell PPM-Factory IT as an Asset

Demonstrate Value of IT.

Triskell provides IT Managers full visibility into total IT expenditure, with the ability to drill-down into the financial performance of individual projects, programs or portfolios.  Score cards to track value and financial as well as non-financial benefits provided by the IT organization to the overall organization.

Service and Application Portfolio to Improve ROI.

Your business expects IT to provide more than simply just keeping systems running. Triskell helps to transform IT as a business partner instead of a cost center. It enhances the quality and efficiency of IT service delivery and allows you to manage application portfolio insuring user value, eliminate redundancy, and reduce the maintenance costs.

Resource Management.

Triskell allows IT Managers  to optimize your most valuable asset, your resources. Go beyond just assigning the right resource with real capacity management.  Triskell gives you the tools to understand “when,” and not just “if,” a project can start. At the same time the easy to use timesheets provide the appropriate levels of management visibility into project status resources usage.

Budget and Cost Tracking.

Triskell provides clear and on-line visibility into total IT expenditure, with the ability to drill-down into the financial performance of individual projects, programs or portfolios. Budget tracking, with easy adjustment of material expenses and labor costs throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Manage Resource and Financials

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Resources & Financials

Scrum Board

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Agile Scrum Board

Agile Development.

The active involvement, cooperation and collaboration make agile development teams more productive. Agile approach helps to create highly motivated, high performance teams in a much more rewarding approach for everyone.
Triskell embeds a full web scrum board to allow the agile management of any object: deliverables, risks, issues, tickets, customer requests, ideas…
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