Easy to Use and Flexible Project Portfolio Management

SaaS Project Portfolio Management to get the real time pictures of your organization and resources.


Focus on the right projects; make the right decisions; which project to start and which one to stop.

Have a clear view which project delivers value to your organization.

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See it live is better than a thousand words!

Strategic Alignment across Project Portfolios

Intuitive Project Portfolio Management tools to identify which project delivers value or not to the organization in order to initiate, prioritize or stop the correct Projects and Programs.
Combine financial, qualitative and strategic analysis in a Single Cloud PPM Software.
Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to define Scorecards with multiple weighted criteria in order to identify projects with the highest ROI / linkage to strategy.

PPM Software to support Strategy

Image Triskell PPM-Factory PPM to Support Strategy

Maxime ROI from day one

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Maximize ROI

Top down approach to Maximize ROI & Strategic alignment.

With Triskell PPM-Factory Project Portfolio Management software, no need for details on Projects and Resource data to get full portfolio control. Define high-level strategy and goals, break them up in Portfolios, Program,or Projects , any way you prefer.
Use Scenario planning to explore alternative portfolios.

Bottom-up approach to verify accurate results

Triskell PPM-Factory also support real project execution, providing a dynamic and automatic consolidation of project indicators to drive real-time execution.

Align Resource Management with Business Priorities

With Triskell-PPM Factory PPM Software you get a better understanding of your future staffing needs across the entire project portfolio, by either department or  resource types.
By aligning resource demand with resource capability, Triskell PPM-Factory provides effective Resource Management, and insures better ROI minimizing bench time.

Clear Planning forecast of Resource Demand and Costs

Easy top down resource staffing to get a clear view of future needs and costs, including scenario definition to perform “what-if?”analysis.

Maximize Resource Usage

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Maximize Resource Usage

Take the right decision based on accurate information

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Take the right decision

Get Portfolios and Projects under control

Minimize discrepancy failures by gaining complete control over your project deliverables. Identify potential problems earlier in the project lifecycle and provide the visibility to take corrective action before any resourcing or financial impact occurs.

Get the full picture and drill-down into details

Triskell PPM-Factory provides a single and consolidated view of any project, program, and portfolio status to improve governance by making better project decisions for executives, portfolio managers as well as project managers.

Because business and strategy are evolving

In the  world of today organizations and challenge change quickly. Triskell PPM-Factory allows to adapt and extend your Cloud PPM environment by adding, updating business object and rules on the flight, with no coding.

Support your business needs for today and tomorrow 

Triskell PPM-Factory is so flexible that it allows you to modelize any methodology,  process, and business object. This is a unique way to secure your investment and maximize your ROI.

Limited only by your Imagination

Immage Triskell PPM-Factory Limited only by your Imagination
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