Built for enterprise Agile, Simple to scale

Connect Portfolios, Products, and Teams

Scale Agile From Team to Enterprise

Triskell supports Lean and Agile approaches, ensuring value stream management and visualization. It helps teams to deliver faster and to continuously improve their work performance and management.

To accelerate delivery, apply enterprise scaling Agile frameworks, such as SAFe or others.

Triskell is a flexible and configurable platform that allows you to adopt and scale your business in an agile way. Implement SAFe, LeadingAgile, LeSS or your own framework to support business agility and to increase your productivity and quality.

Realize Agile-at-scale – from Teams to the Entreprise




Lean Portfolio Management

Triskell offers an innovative and easily configurable agile portfolio management solution. It allows your portfolio team to effectively manage the project pipeline by prioritizing new requests, developing detailed roadmaps, and by tracking resource requirements and allocation. Visual and collaborative tools ensure the adoption of the solution by your teams.

With Triskell you can implement the principles of Lean Portfolio to develop common strategic objectives that focus on maximizing client value. Make use of intuitive dashboards to measure your performance to periodically realign portfolios and adapt to customer feedback and market dynamics.

Resource and Capacity Planning in Agile Mode

Agile methods and their new paradigm facilitate resource management. Fixed project teams and products, as well as timeboxe orientation, simplify resource reallocations and overall planning.

Resource planning in Agile mode is true capacity planning. Triskell helps you to manage this capacity at all levels: portfolios, programs, value streams, versions, etc.  Triskell helps you to centralize the management of your teams, to empower teams, and to decentralize decision making.

Focus on results, and not on the end date.

Thanks to Triskell’s advanced, visual what-if analysis functions, you can simulate multiple alternatives and decide what the best approach is, based on your capacity.

Manage Teams and Resources

Agile Team

Portfolio, Product and Value  Stream funding


Agile Budgeting / Cost Tracking / Financials

Fund products and value streams based on strategic and organizational priorities tied to expected business results.
Be agile with an interactive and flexible approach to your budgets and investments, and monitor and anticipate changes in your markets and in the overall economic situation.

Triskell helps you with the detailed tracking of your expenses and will manage your CAPEX and OPEX based on your actual progress.
Whatever your Agile Framework is, Triskell allows you to have a detailed financial follow-up of your products, portfolios, value streams and much more.

Configurable financial consolidation functions, as well as graphical and intuitive functions to manage budget and financing simulations, allow you to have complete control over your investments and expenses.

Agile corporate Frameworks to align Teams with Strategy

Triskell is an enterprise-wide scaling platform. Triskell allows you to create your portfolio roadmaps according to your strategic themes and objectives, and to balance them according to the human and financial resources available.

Increase agility by financing value streams and products, defining roadmaps and balancing capacity.

Value chain planning, plan from strategy and features. Break down the strategy in a pragmatic way, by dividing it into concrete actions and finished products or parts.

Transparency and coordination at company level. With Triskell, you can cascade your strategic objectives across all departments and levels of your organization. Create cross-functional teams aligned with objectives to deliver maximum value. Align the entire organization with the key objectives to achieve the desired results.

Agile Strategic Planning

Agile Strategic Planning