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There isn’t many purely agile projects in real life

Most companies are not 100% agile, whether it is by necessity or by choice, because agile principles can generally only be achieved in certain areas of the company. Whatever the case may be, transforming into an agile organization cannot be done overnight. In most cases, the two approaches must coexist or even be associated to meet the company’s needs.

Triskell’s Hybrid Bi-Modal PPM portfolio management combines the best of both approaches. The most common organizational mode is often one where the traditional process model forms the organizational framework, and product development follows agile principles. In this environment the products and related development cycles are managed in agile mode, and other activities in project mode (waterfall). This does not prevent the use of “Agile” tools such as Kanbans, for instance, to manage the proper execution of these projects.

Are you Agile, Waterfall or both?

Integrating Agile Process in a Traditional PPM Framework

Bi-modal or Hybrid ready for you

The aim of a bi-modal approach is to increase business agility by providing access to a variety of tools to meet two types of needs, namely initiatives that benefit from more extensive initial planning and successive approval milestones, and those that benefit from rapid iterations of the product cycle. Agile approaches can be applied to either.

Agile principles lend themselves to rapid iterations with the client, where changes are expected and most frequent. Waterfall principles lend themselves to efforts over a longer period of time that must be well planned and where change must be avoided if it is not carefully verified and estimated.

The two can be complementary, and therefore many companies want to combine the two approaches to meet their challenges and improve their productivity.

Multiple methodologies can exist in the same environment

Thanks to Triskell, PMOs can now rely on a PPM framework that can support both types of execution models and manage multiple methods in the same portfolio, making the transition, or combination thereof, less daunting and more cost-effective.

With Triskell Hybrid bi-modal PPM, your organization can execute agile projects in addition to traditional projects in an environment that can easily be configured to your needs. The solution is provided with a set of standard tools such as a Scrum board, Kanban, Roadmap, Gantt, etc…

Triskell offers you the following:

  • A single solution for ALL project execution and product development approaches
  • Support for hybrid projects using a combination of Agile and traditional approaches

Agile & Waterfall under the same Umbrella

Open the Agile and Waterfall world

From Agile PPM to Scrum and VVIO VSSO

Add a real heads-up control system to your detailed execution.
Although Triskell can cover all the Agile and Waterfall processes of an organization, the solution can also integrate other tools to extend its functional coverage.

Agile Scale by integrating and coordinating your execution tools such as Atlassian Jira, Planview, Clarity, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Azure DevOps, or LeanKit.

With Triskell, add a real PPM layer to your favourite ALM tool. Use a standard integration connector or build your own integrations with powerful APIs to visualize the work of all the tools in a simple, consolidated, real-time, process-centric view.

Take advantage of Triskell’s Agile and/or Waterfall power and flexibility to align your development planning and execution with the company’s strategy, manage resources, budgets, portfolio management, and value stream, without changing the standard tools of your development teams.