Triskell KPI Heads up PPM – Visibility and Transparency for Better Business Outcomes.

Increase Operational Efficiency and Drive Growth.

With Triskell KPI Heads up PPM, executives have visibility and transparency across the entire organization.
Consolidated overview of the status of all projects, products, etc.

Increase Visibility, monitor Progress, allow Senior Managers to have Visibility

Management of detailed planning, resources, budgets, backlogs, value workflows, and others factors very rarely provides the indicators that managers and executives need in order to make the right decisions.

Triskell KPI Heads up PPM allows you to define and manage the necessary indicators at each level of the organization. You keep control of all your portfolios and identify risks at an early stage. using the relevant KPIs. These KPIs are defined by you according to your management needs, and in terms of both granularity and time-phasing.

Get instant visibility for your business

Take advantage of Triskell’s configurable dashboards for strategic and operational planning. The system’s dashboards and automatic summary functions allow you to quickly understand the status of the portfolio and contribution to strategy and operations. It allows executives, managers and senior executives to obtain robust, real-time reports that provide an overview of the entire organization.

A real Head-up Steering System


Consolidated Reporting

Unified and Usable Indicators, Dashboards and Reports

Combine top-down and bottom-up approaches. Relevant data is managed centrally and consistently but with different tools, it can be recorded in a decentralized manner.

Triskell’s aggregation and consolidation functions, combined with integration, allow you to calculate indicators and dashboards to be populated with information entered directly in Triskell, or other tools such as Microsoft-Project, Jira, Clarity, or Excel.

This capability gives you the benefit of relevant and consistent reports as well as accurate and timely performance indicators – regardless of the operational tools used by your teams.

Reporting, Analytics Dashboards for Clear Visibility

Triskell allows users to easily customize and create their own dashboards, scorecards, and reports to gain the necessary visibility onto business performance within and across portfolios.

Bring Your Data to Life with BI Integration

If you want to continue using your existing BI tools, such as Power BI, Tableau, or QlikView, it will be no problem. Triskell has this flexibility, because the system integrates with all major BI vendors available in the market via its Datamart. Directly access all Triskell data and benefit from the power of your favorite BI tool, to create reports and dashboards at your convenience.

Reporting with Microsoft Excel

Triskell not only supports simple data export to Microsoft Excel, it also allows users to automatically extract data to be exploited in Microsoft Excel reports, defined by yourself, according to your needs. This will allow you to take advantage of any Microsoft Excel advanced features, such as Pivot Tables, conditional styling, and drilldowns to analyze project data.

Reporting & Analytics to measure Performance and improve Decision making

One Tool for All

Image Triskell PPM-Factory One Enterprise Software for All

A single Source of Information

Triskells extreme flexibility breaks the constraints of organizational silos, providing functional groups with the right system to collaborate with others and to get their work done more efficiently. This broad adoption insures a clear view of the complete organization.

Triskell automatically consolidates all portfolios in a single and easy-to-use application, providing all executives with a single source of information and configurable dashboards, which can be drilled down to get access to any information and metrics so that you can make the right decision.