Triskell Resource Management

Get the best of your most valuable asset: your resources

With Triskell Resource Management, combine as many different approaches as you want in a single system and get a global overview of resource demand and usage

Resource Management and capacity planning for all

Go Beyond Traditional Project Oriented Resource Management

Manage Resource allocation at any level across all kinds of portfolio or activities. Triskell allows you to manage the available capacity and real assignment for any kind of work a resource may be involved in, like projects, tasks, risk tracking, and routines tasks. This dramatically simplifies the resource management process and avoids any unnecessary micro project management overheads.

Simple and Effective Demand Planning

With Triskell it is easy to align resource capacity, demand, running activities and business strategy in order to maximize the ROI of your most important asset, your resources.

Powerful and Easy-ToUse “What-if” Features

If you work in classic mode, looking to optimize your project roadmap based on your resource capacities, or if you work in Agile mode and are looking to optimize your deliveries based on your teams, Triskell will help you to identify the right scenario, thanks to its advanced and graphical simulation and features. 

Resource Capacity Planning

Agile Resource Management

A New Paradigm

There is no longer a need for centralized resource management, and therefore no more resource managers. The allocation process is reversed, and we no longer think about the number of resources needed to accomplish a list of tasks, but rather about the work that a team can accomplish in each time. Triskell allows time-box oriented resource allocation that is aligned with the product roadmap.

Agile Capacity Planning

Allocates work to teams based on their ability to produce. Agile resource management is true capacity management. It is not resourced capacity, but the ability to provide incremental values.

Triskell Agile PPM allows you to allocate resources based on team capacity and not on individuals.

Distributing work between individuals is done within teams and sprints and is not part of the portfolio vision. Triskell also allows you to manage sprints or interfaces with tools like Jira, bringing the portfolio layer and real resource management.

Real Resource Cost Tracking to Identify any Discrepancies

Triskell Top-Down approach helps you to develop costs estimates at any level of portfolios, value stream, programs, products, projects and releases. It combines an easy-to-use bottom-up approach to track actual costs. When necessary, Triskell’s unique roll-up functions allow you to compare actual costs at any time and any level in order to budget, allocated, and plan.

Advance Resource Cost and Rate Management

Triskell allows you to define tables and matrix to support you when assigning cost and billing rates for internal and external resources. Tables and matrix can be organized by location, department, project, value stream or customers, as well as any combination of them.

Clear Resource Cost Forecasting and Tracking

Get You Organization under Control

Multiple and heterogeneous organizations

Triskell allows you to create several management structures (mainly organizations) to manage departments, teams, customers and internal clients.
Organizations can be hierarchical (i.e. business unit / departments / teams). Each organization can have its own breakdown structure with customized roles and objects.
Management structures can be used to manage budgets, users and resources, owners (i.e. a project is attached to a department), financial capacity and staff, etc.

Agile or traditional organization?

Thanks to its flexibility, Triskell supports both traditional hierarchical and team-oriented organizations in Agile mode. Triskell also allows these two approaches to be combined to allow centralized resource management.