In today's world communication and collaboration are in the center of everything. Triskell provides the right to stay on top of your portfolios and to share strategy and updates with everyone in or outside your organization.

Dynamic Collaboration between Users.

Triskell includes several collaboration features on any Object:
Comments & thread management.
Custom alerts & subscriptions.
Mail & Skype integration.
User calendar.

With Trsikell users can be easily informed and inform others sharing any information or documents.

Collaboration everywhere


Modelize any process


Lifecycles & Workflows

Every object in Triskell has its own lifecycle, from the simplest one (active / non active) to the most complete one.  For example, you can define for example lifecycles on projects, work packages, products, risks, deliverables, contracts and any other object you create. Lifecycles include:
Stages with control of the roles, attributes and features accessible at that stage (in combination with the user role on the object).
Transitions between stages with mandatory documents and comments.
Transitions can be controlled by role, so that only certain roles can advance an object from one stage to another.
History of lifecycle changes for accurate tracking.

Change Tracking & History

Any change made to a role, lifecycle, attribute, or time-phased attribute is recorded by Triskell. It allows users to analyze how information has evolved over time and who changed the values.
Change tracking can be activated or deactivated by attribute.
Changes are displayed in panels for each attribute.
Changes are also displayed in the scorecards.

Keep a trace of everything