Produkt und Lösungen

You can start from a white page or leverage our rich solutions library to get the exact solution for your needs. With Triskell you decide what kind of portfolio(s) you manage, how you will manage it and with which levels of details.

Thanks to its Extreme flexibility Triskell can provide the right portfolio Management Solution for Everyone.

For anyone



IT Managers


PMO Officers


Project Managers


Financial Controllers


Resource Managers


Any other, like line of business managers, product managers, team members etc… 

Triskell allows to modelize the right solution for everyone and to get rid of people developing isolated spreadsheets quickly and effectively.

Triskell allows you to design the perfect portfolio management system for any kind of business very fast .

Discover the Triskell Revolution.

With Triskell Express you will be up and running in less than a week.

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