One of the world’s ten largest banks in the world chooses Triskell as the main PPM tool at corporate level

One of the world’s ten largest banks in the world and top three in Europe, with around 138,000 employees and serving 52 million customers around the world, chose Triskell to be the main PPM tool at corporate level and to implement it in multiple departments of the company. Today, 4 company entities use Triskell: 3 in France and 1 in Portugal.


One of these entities is the IT partner of 39 regional banks. It has one unique IT system and is in charge of design, build and run the Bank Information System. In terms of key figures, it has a staff of 1,700 with 16 locations in France. In 2017, they managed around 600 development projects for 250,000 man-days – a total of 2,000 projects.

The IT partner was created in 2010 as a single entity from a merger of 5 regional Information Systems groups to support the 39 regional banks. The first main step was to build one UNIQUE Information System to replace the five systems. These 39 regional banks have now a unique Information System shared with the entire group.

There was a traditional on premise PPM solution used by the regional banks. A strategic plan was built quickly around this PPM solution that guided this IT Partner to do and manage initiatives with this tool in 2012. But this was not successful, especially for portfolio management. The system was bottom-up (the information goes from the operational to strategic level) and didn’t provide visibility. Management was then unable to make decisions based on the consolidated data.

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