PPM Survey 2018 Results

177 PMO’s from differing industry sectors and sizes responded to this survey update, which was published in France and Northern Europe.

The goal of this second survey is to measure the evolutions and trends of this market.

We have pleasure in publishing the main results of the survey issued by myAMS at the request of Triskell Software. The survey was responded to by Corporate, IT and R&D Departments of French and European companies about the success and failure of project portfolio management (PPM) implementations.

The goal of the survey was to highlight the current trends on success and failure in PPM solution deployments and to understand the key factors for success and the reasons for failure.

It was also about measuring the benefits achieved from PPM solutions compared to the initial goals and objectives of the PPM implementation projects.

In 2015 we received 97 responses to our survey; in 2018 we received 177 responses from clients who have deployed a PPM solution.

In 2015, 12 industry sectors were surveyed and 23 sectors in 2018. The PPM market is quite large and includes all types of companies, private, public, SME, key accounts.

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