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2021 Strategic Roadmap for the PMO with Triskell

According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of all PMOs will dynamically evolve, with each step in evolution being based on guidance by business leaders responsible for pursuing strategic enterprise objectives.
By 2025, 75% of all PMO value measures will be based on strategic business value, rather than on project execution efficiency.

Discover in 45 minutes how PMO will insure:

  • Understanding of key business strategies and desired business outcomes.
  • Defining all business-value-based metrics.
  • Resources usage is based on the most important work it will do to support business goals.
  • Alignment of contributions with business strategy.
  • A collaborative portfolio prioritization process.
  • Support for strategic portfolio alignment and continuous delivery.

45 min + live Q&A

About Triskell

Triskell is a true Enterprise solution focused on Strategy Execution Management with advanced Project Portfolio Management features, helping to fill the gap between planning and proper execution. Triskell allows companies to plan, prioritize, manage and monitor their organization's initiatives. It includes tools for demand management, capacity management, project portfolio management, application portfolio management, resource management, financial management, waterfall and agile project management, and IT service portfolio management.

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