On Demand Webinar

Strategy Execution and Portfolio Management in an Agile World

Discover in 45 minutes:

  • What is Strategy Execution Management (SEM) and what does it require.
  • Why Strategy Execution is failing. Challenges and principles of the Agile Strategy Execution.
  • How to organize, share and Execute your strategy in Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid World.
  • How to measure project and product delivery success according to business value and benefits.
  • How "What-if?" Simulation helps you to align resources and funding for better Strategy Execution and project and product delivery.

45 min + live Q&A

About Triskell

Triskell is a true Enterprise solution focused on Strategy Execution Management with advanced Project Portfolio Management features, helping to fill the gap between planning and proper execution. Triskell allows companies to plan, prioritize, manage and monitor their organization's initiatives. It includes tools for demand management, capacity management, project portfolio management, application portfolio management, resource management, financial management, waterfall and agile project management, and IT service portfolio management.

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