A comprehensive guide of Phase Gate Process for R&D projects

New product development projects are the most challenging for companies. They are uncertain, costly, complex and risky. And most of them fail because many R&D teams don’t have the correct information and processes in place to allow the alignment, prioritization and acceleration of critical projects with the overall company goals.

Top-down vs Bottom-up approach: how to manage your Strategy Execution

The business environment is more dynamic than ever, and companies must be adaptive to change. Therefore, the key is understanding how Top-down and Bottom-up management approaches can fit together to facilitate the execution of your business strategy.

Benefits of a PPM tool for the Project Management Office

More and more organizations are choosing to implement a PMO to plan, manage and monitor their projects, products, programs and portfolios. However, many of them do not provide the strategic value expected because issues such as Resource Management, Financial Management or the prioritization of incoming demand are still managed with spreadsheets.

R&D Project Management: key elements and best practices

Do you want to know what are the key elements and best practices for efficient R&D project portfolio management?

How to create a value-centric PMO in 5 steps

Focusing portfolio management on continuous and real value delivery is the major challenge for the modern PMO.
Understand the organization’s value streams, align the portfolio with strategic objectives, break down silos and establish a customer-centric mindset…

Resource management: Best practices for PMO leaders and resource managers

Resource management challenges are the top issues facing project and portfolio management today. Because resource shortages and conflicts can plague your ability to deliver, understanding the resource capacity and skill sets that exist within your organization give you the ability to balance demand and apply the right resources at the right time. This ability can make the difference between successfully executing strategy and failing.

Why your IT department needs an Integrated PPM & SPM solution?

In order to efficiently address the governance and management challenges they face, IT departments need to have a PPM software with integrated Strategic Portfolio Management functionalities.

Expedite Resource and Capacity Management Analyses With Triskell

Reliance upon time reporting is inadequate for supporting today’s needs for real-time, dynamic resource management and capacity planning decisions. Program and portfolio management leaders can leverage existing tools to perform aggregate planning in support of portfolio-level decisions.

Strategy Execution and Portfolio Management in a SAFe Agile World

The transition to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) challenges traditional PMOs and EPMOs to maintain portfolio accountability, ensure the alignment of the initiatives to strategic business outcomes, create visibility between portfolio and related work in all phases and reimagine governance synchronization between business and technology.

2021 Strategic Roadmap for the PMO with Triskell

According to Gartner, by 2025, 75% of all PMOs will dynamically evolve, with each step in evolution being based on guidance by business leaders responsible for pursuing strategic enterprise objectives.
By 2025, 75% of all PMO value measures will be based on strategic business value, rather than on project execution efficiency.

Identify Execution Gaps to Support Strategic Delivery Success

The success of any Strategic Execution activity depends on the appropriate application of different inputs, approaches and activity domains. Failure to use the correct approach at the correct time, or to favour one approach, can have bad impacts on the achievement and implementation of those strategies.

Discover in Triskell, Strategy Execution and Enterprise Portfolio Management Software

From Strategic Planning to Project Execution & Product Delivery. According to Gartner Group, “Executing strategy requires tools connecting the shared objectives of business strategists and those executing the change and measuring true business value.

Easily re-evaluate your strategy to cope with recovery from the crisis

Nobody was ready to face such a crisis. What, exactly, do you intend to recover? Discover in 30 minutes: How to take up the challenge and redefine your strategy. How an agile strategic execution helps you cope with this unstable situation. Define and evaluate different scenarios.

Strategy Execution and Portfolio Management in an Agile World

Discover in 45 minutes: What is Strategy Execution Management (SEM) and what does it require. Why Strategy Execution is failing. Challenges and principles of the Agile Strategy Execution. How to organize, share and Execute your strategy in Agile, Waterfall or Hybrid World. How to measure project and product delivery success according to business value and benefits. How „What-if?“ Simulation helps you to align resources and funding for better Strategy Execution and project and product delivery.

Triskell and Forrester Webinar: Realize Strategic Portfolio Management

Agility is a prerequisite for firms to continuously execute on their digital strategy. Development professionals and portfolio managers must support their business partners to build fast-paced integrated, and continuous planning and delivery cycles. Agile portfolio management has now become part of the mainstream.

Product & Project Road-mapping in a Bi-Modal Environment (AGILE & Waterfall) (en)

Discover in 45 minutes how to: Combine Agile and Waterfall Portfolios, Optimize the use of your resources across portfolios, Manage Project and Product Roadmap, Run What if Scenario and Link Project Execution and Product Delivery with Strategy.

Bi-Modal Portfolio Management (AGILE & Waterfall) with Triskell (en)

Discover in 45 minutes how to: Combine Agile and Waterfall Portfolios, Optimize the use of your resources across your portfolios, Manage Project and Product Roadmap, Run What if Scenario and Triskell integrates with Jira.

Agile Portfolio and Resource Management with Jira integration (en)

Discover in 45 minutes how to: Manage Portfolios in Agile and SAFe mode, Manage Agile Teams at Portfolio Level, Run What if Scenario in an Agile environment, Add real Portfolio & Resource Management on top of Jira, Combine Agile and Standard approaches.

Portfolio Management & Resource Optimization in Bi-Modal approach (AGILE & Waterfall) (en)

Discover in 40 minutes how to: Combine Agile and Waterfall Portfolios, optimize the use of your resources across your portfolios, manage Agile teams at Portfolio Level, Run What if Scenario, Add real Portfolio & Resource Management on top of Jira.