Create the Exact Solutions you Need and Deserve to Digitalize Your Business

Assemble Your Own Solution. Get the most out of our platform by making it work the way you want.

Define attributes, use them to build business Objects, connect your Objects, publish your App ….With Triskell, Digitalization is so simple.

Triskell Object Model Platform

With Triskell, you can create as many business objects as your solution requires – with only a few clicks: projects, products, risks, tasks, deliverables, departments, teams, customers, contracts and much more.

Powerfull business

Each of these objects can be attached to a structure (i.e. portfolio) or another object in order to create the perfect App that matches your needs and requirements. Each object can have:

  • A lifecycle (workflow),
  • An unlimited number of custom attributes,
  • An unlimited number of custom roles to manage access rights,
  • A set of features and tools for management, Master plan, Gantt chart, Scrum board, Resource pools, Reports, Dashboards, Roadmaps, Kanbans and much more.– Configurable business rules.

Modelize your objects in only a few clicks

Create Multiple Apps using the Triskell Object Library

Refine and extend your data model by assembling your Objects

Connect business objects in order to create Apps and Solutions. Triskell allows you to define and adopt simple and complex data models to reflect the nature of your business.

Support your business needs and strategies for today and tomorrow

Organizations and challenges change quickly these days. Triskell allows you to adapt and extend your environment by adding and updating business objects and rules on the flight, without having to do any coding. You can activate new features or extend the scope & coverage of your Solution and Apps very easily, without coding, and for FREE.

Dynamic Data model

All customizations of Triskell’s object model, including processes, business rules, configurations, applications, and more, are specified as metadata. This architecture allows us to guarantee easy and transparent updates. Consider yourself as future proof.

Connect your Apps and Solutions

The Triskell Platform’s dynamic data repository automatically links Apps and Solutions. You can share, consolidate, and leverage data across all your applications, integrating all dimensions of your organization and eliminating unnecessary duplicate entries and redundancy, whilst offering all types of users the appropriate features.

Centralized access right and security

The Triskell platform allows you to have control over who has access to what information, keeping track of information flow and data access.

Integrated Apps and Solutions

Consolidate and exchange all your data to build a unified system – even data from legacy, on-premise or cloud systems such as SAP, Oracle, Jira, Salesforces, Teams and many others.

Integrated Apps and Solutions