Cloud Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM).

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- Organize, Manage and Gain visibility on all your Portfolios.
- Insure that programs and projects support your strategy
- Get the real time pictures of your organization and resources.
- Have a clear view which project delivers value.
- Easy to use and efficient Portfolio Planning

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Increase Visibility, Monitor Progress, Provides visibility for Executives.

Triskell PPM-Factory’s top-down approach to Project Portfolio Management ensurses that PMOs and Executives have the right tools.

  • Portfolio tracking software with dashboard and reports with full drill-down capability.
  • Reports on project resources, progress, costs, and results within and across project portfolio.
  • Ensuring that programs and project supports your strategic objectives

Efficient Resource Management

  • Clear view of resource availability in real time.
  • Easy to use resource demand, forecasting and simulation tools.
  • Clear understanding of who has achieved what, and how much it costed.
  • Optimize resource allocation and costs along project and non-project activities.
  • Empower teams and project managers with powerful and modern collaboration tools.

Clear Project Tracking

With Triskell PPM-Factory you get a holistic view of all relevant and related project data in real time.

  • Quickly determine the health of your entire portfolio with visual dashboards.
  • Reduce Risk with Improved Management Visibility getting clear visibility into projects.
  • Improve project tracking and success rate.

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