Cloud Based IT PMO Software for better Governance

Triskell PPM-Factory

Triskell PPM-Factory IT PMO Solution provide a single source of truth for business and IT projects, demand, application and strategic portfolios with an automated capture of project data to minimise errors.

Image iMac-Triskell PPM-Factory

    Define and Formalize Strategy

    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Transform Strategy into Execution

    Initiative & Demand Management

    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Demand Management

    Portfolio Program & Project Management

    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Program and Project Management

    Resources – Budget – Priority Management

    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Financials Management

    Increase Visibility, Monitor Progress, Provides visibility for Executives.

    • A single source of information for executives and stakeholders.
    • Accurate and up-to-date portfolio data.
    • Provide necessary information to make the right decisions when projects are off track.
    • Insure alignment with Strategic plan and Business Goals.
    • Dashboards and reporting to insure efficient governance.

    IT PMO Software Tools - Get Program and Projects under control

    • Real-time project visibility combining the top down and bottom up approach.
    • Clear picture of time, cost, resources, deliverables and financials.
    • Clear understanding of who has achieved what, and how much it costed.
    • Centralize all necessary tools to get programs and projects under control.
    • A single solution consolidating plans, issue lists, risk logs, status updates and project documents.
    • Efficient capacity planning and resource management.

    Best IT PMO Software - An Insurance for Project Success

    • Build a framework to support your PMO Processes.
    • Streamline processes for demand, resource and portfolio management.
    • Get rid of uncoordinated spreadsheets and project plans.
    • Improve organizational PPM maturity with best practice solution templates.
    • Get the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you need to improve execution.

    Image Triskell PPM-Factory PMO Processes
    Image Triskell-financial-controllers
    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Feature Graphs and Masterplan on every Object