Cloud IT Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM)

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IT Portfolio Management with:
- integrated demand pipeline,
- planning, and budgeting,
- risk management,
- reporting,
- forecasting functions supporting your strategy.

    Achieve corporate goals

    By using Triskell PPM-Factory IT Project Portfolio Management, organizations can align their IT projects and resources with corporate business objectives.

    Business-based decision making

    Many IT organizations lack a consistent, accountable body for decision making. Triskell provides a decision-making framework that helps ensure IT decisions are aligned with the overall business strategy; IT participates in setting business goals and directions, establishing standards, and prioritizing investments.

    Closer Alignment of IT with Business Strategy

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    IT Project Portfolio Management Software

    Triskell Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides Top-Down Portfolio Management capabilities to manage both human and financial resources in accordance with company-wide capacities.
    Place, projects, business initiatives, ongoing activities, and resources, under one single umbrella in order to stay on track and to align execution with company strategy and capacity.
    Maximize Project Portfolio ROI. Triskell PPM-Factory helps you to increase project success ratio while managing risk across the entire project portfolio and keep costs under close control.

    Resource Management

    Triskell PPM-Factory IT Project Portfolio Management Software helps you to maximize your more valuable asset; your resources.
    Triskell PPM-Factory gives you the ability to manage resources across different portfolios. You have the full picture of who is doing what and when.
    Triskell PPM-Factory supports the entire resource allocation process, including high-level demand planning, capacity planning and effective resource assignment.
    Advance “what-if” capabilities allow you to define different scenarios, to consider resource demands regarding the runnings projects and coming initiatives, in order to plan future resource usage in accordance with business priority and existing capacity.

    Centralized Demand Management 

    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Demand Management

    Centralized Demand Management 

    Triskell PPM-Factory demands management solution which allows any user to submit ideas, requests or suggestions through customer-defined forms. Demands are centralized in a single, collaborative space, to structure the review and approval process.
    Real-time access to demands.  Before you can get the best out of your portfolios and resources, you need to know what’s coming next from every corner of the organization. Triskell PPM-Factory provides a central hub to manage and prioritize demand.

    Financial Management

    Triskell PPM-Factory IT Project Portfolio Management Tools ensures that you have real-time information for a total financial visibility and control over your project portfolios.
    Triskell PPM-Factory’s combination of unique Top-Down and Bottom-up approach provides you real-time visibility into budget performance, forecasts, and discrepancies across the entire projects portfolio. Thanks to advance and seamless roll-up and drill-down capabilities to any level in your portfolio, program and project hierarchy, Triskell PPM-Factory gives you complete control over the profitability and financial performance of your Projects Portfolio.
    Integration with popular financials system and ERP, avoids double data entry and insure data consistency across the organization.

    Total Budget Control

    Communicate and Collaborate

    Get everyone on the same page

    Triskell PPM-Factory provides real-time visibility of the Strategy Execution, providing all stakeholder and contributors with a clear picture of actual initiative goals status versus expected values and their contribution to the overall strategy.

    Dashboards and Reports.

    Thanks to Triskell PPM-Factory all strategy managers can get and provide the organisation with dashboards and reporting to ensure effective governance and communication about the strategy execution.

    Online collaboration and document management.

    Get everyone involved and ensure system adoption by letting people share and comment on any piece of information. Get everything in one single location by storing all Strategy and Strategy Execution documents in one single place.

    From Company strategy to project execution

    SaaS Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

    Multi-Portfolio & Multi Governance

    Flexible and Configurable SEM and PPM System