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    Effective PMO & Portfolio Management

    Project Program Portfolio

    Increase Visibility, Monitor Progress

    Triskell PPM-Factory’s top-down approach to Project Portfolio Management ensures that PMOs and Executives have the right tools required to make informed decisions when it comes to people, finance, deliverables and benefits:
    • Dashboard and reports with full drill-down capability.
    • Reports on project resources, progress, costs, and results within and across project portfolio.

    Manage Multi-Portfolios

    Triskell PPM-Factory allows you to modelize multiple project portfolio environments in a single system so that you can configure a best-in-breed experience for different types of users.

    Be Agile

    Triskell PPM-Factory supports Agile and Lean practices, allowing decentralized decision making and Agile Estimating and Planning.

    Efficient Portfolio Planning

    Thanks to Triskell’s PPM-Factory easy-to-use Masterplan, Project and Initiative Scoring and Powerful Scenario Definition and Simulation, you can ensure you are taking on the right projects.

    Break Down Goals Into Programs and Initiatives

    With Triskell PPM-Factory you can create your program and business initiatives to support your transformation program and focus on strategic goals and/or benefits rather than on delivery.  Share KPI and target across your organisation to define and review priorities “adopting a continuous improvement” approach.

    Align Organisation Resources to serve Transformation Program

    Ensure to use your human and finance resources in the right programs and initiatives.  Use powerful and easy-to-use “What-if” functionalities to understand how you can achieve your transformation goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Roadmaps and Program Management

    Resource Management

    Align Resource Management with Business Priorities

    With Triskell-PPM Factory PPM Software you get a better understanding of your future staffing needs across the entire project portfolio, by either department or resource types.
    By aligning resource demand with resource capability, Triskell PPM-Factory provides effective Resource Management and ensures better ROI minimizing bench time.

    Clear Planning forecast of Resource Demand and Costs

    Easy top down resource staffing to get a clear view of future needs and costs, including scenario definition to perform “what-if?” analysis.

    Get Budget under Control

    Triskell PPM-Factory financial Management allows you to compare real-time operational forecasts with actual project costs and planned future project expenditure to get an accurate and up to date picture of budget consumption.

    Adapt budget on the go

    Triskell PPM-Factory enables organizations to dynamically manage the budget allocation process and analyse trends between investment estimates, allocated budgets, forecasts and actual expenditure.

    You know exactly where you spend your money

    Triskell’s built-in labour rate functionality combines with material expenses and easy to use timesheets for a complete picture of project finances.

    Financial Management


    Configurable dashboard and reports

    Triskell PPM-Factory offers a comprehensive range of reporting and analytics options, namely Configurable Dashboards, Grid Views, Kanbans, Master Plans, Reports and Datamart. These options ensure that you get the right information at the right time.

    Dynamic Datamart for Reporting

    Triskell PPM-Factory includes a dynamic datamart that can be used for reporting and interfaces.

    Easy to use Simulation and Scenario Modeling

    With Triskell PPM-Factory one can create different scenarios to build and plan the right set of programs and projects to suit your financial and resource capacities or understand how to reach your objectives considering all existing projects and project requests.

    Dashboards, Reports, What-if capabilities for Better Portfolio Analysis

    Collaboration, Agility, Kanbans everywhere you want or need it!

    Agile Scrum Board Everywhere

    Triskell PPM-Factory embeds also a full web scrum board to allow the agile management of any object: Portfolios,  Projects, deliverables, risks, issues, tickets, customer requests, ideas…

    Dynamic Collaboration between Users

    Triskell PPM-Factory includes several collaboration features on any Object:
    Comments & thread management.
    Custom alerts & subscriptions.
    Mail & Skype integration.

    Lifecycles & Workflows

    Every object in Triskell PPM-Factory has its own lifecycle, from the simplest one (active / non-active) to the most complex one.  For example, you can define lifecycles on projects, work packages, products, risks, deliverables, contracts and any other object you create