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Where Waterfall and Agile can work together.

    Key Benefits

    • A single tool for ALL project delivery approaches

    • Supports hybrid projects using a combination of Agile and traditional approaches

    • Full Agile support including, Product Roadmap, Backlog management and Sprint planning

    • Integrates Agile into your corporate enterprise reporting environment

    • Provides Portfolio and Resource Management for Agile Projects

    • Easy integration with other tools like Jira and Microsoft Project


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    Agile Methodology – Expand agility as you grow

    An agile framework for a portfolio means scaling agile or SAFe principles used at the team level across a whole organization.  Agile methodology culture demonstrates the capability to increase results and quick adoption when its core principles are followed and shared. Triskell allows to replacing or integrating a standard top-down and bottom-up approach with an iterative one, managing “release” across portfolios.
    Align strategy with resources, agile teams and projects to ensure on-time organization success. Triskell helps teams understand the bigger picture of what they are working on by visualizing how tactical stories and tasks related to strategic initiatives.
    Triskell supports Agile and Lean practices, allowing decentralized decision making and Agile Estimating and Planning.

    Where Agile Meets Waterfall- Gantt and other Methodologies

    In most organisations, a bi-modal approach is a must, because:

    • they don’t implement Agile completely or “by the book“,
    • they can ’t move to Agile overnight,
    • they must consolidate agile activities with other non-agile activities,
    • waterfall approach remains an easy way to communicate with customers,
    • they still have to manage their resources globally.

    Triskell allows to easily combine Agile cycles in Waterfall process to get a global overview of resource allocation and progress.

    Kanban Boards – Visualize your work and organisation

    Triskell’s configurable and flexible Kanban boards allow you to represent any list of information in an easy-to-use board.
    Increase productivity and user adoption, providing easy-to-use solutions, allowing clear visibility of data and status, with easy update and information organisation through simple drag & drop actions.
    Accessing, sorting, and updating information as never been this easy. Triskell Kanban board supports the fly re-order, filtering, and drag & drop to update values or change status. It creates a new and seamless way to navigate through your Strategic Plan, Program, Portfolios, Projects or any other object.

    Efficient Resource Management 

    • A clear view of resource availability in real time. 
    • Easy to use resource demand, forecasting and portfolio simulation tools. 
    • A clear understanding of who has achieved what, and how much it cost. 
    • Optimize resource allocation and costs along with project and non-project activities. 
    • Empower teams and project managers with powerful and modern collaboration tools. 

    Clear Project and Product Portfolio Planning and Tracking

    With Triskell you get a holistic view of all relevant and related data in real time.

    • Quickly determine the health of your entire portfolio with visual dashboards. 
    • Reduce Risk with Improved Management Visibility getting clear visibility into projects. 
    • Improve project and product portfolio tracking and delivery success rate..
    • What-if analysis and easy roadmap.
    • Dashboards and reporting to ensure efficient follow-up. 

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