Strategy Execution Software

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Improve your business performance by having all your strategic planning and execution plans in one single place.

    With Triskell you get all necessary tools to plan an execute your strategic plan or Transformation Program

    Easily translate your Strategy Map into a Balanced Scorecards

    Triskell’s comprehensive and highly configurable Balanced Scorecards will allow you to break down Strategic Objectives into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Strategic Initiatives.

    Efficient Resource Management

    • Clear view of resource availability in real time.
    • Easy to use resource demand, forecasting and simulation tools.
    • Clear understanding of who has achieved what, and how much it costed.
    • Optimize resource allocation and costs along project and non-project activities.
    • Empower teams and project managers with powerful and modern collaboration tools.

    Clear Project Tracking

    With Triskell you get a holistic view of all relevant and related project data in real time.

    • Quickly determine the health of your entire portfolio with visual dashboards.
    • Reduce Risk with Improved Management Visibility getting clear visibility into projects.
    • Improve project tracking and success rate.

    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Decision Support
    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Resource Capacity Planning
    Image Triskell PPM-Factory Dashboard