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Triskell Software features

Triskell features

Multiple portfolios, Advanced Object Modelization, Lifecycles and Workflows…


PPM Software, Planning, Task Management

PPM Software SaaS solution


There is a major advantage to have a 100 % Cloud application. This allows us to access our PPM system from anywhere in the world and from our mobile devices. In addition, the Saas system gives our software multitenant capability, automatically enabling all our users to benefit from every single update, corrections and changes of the application.

PPM Software No external modules

No external modules

Triskell is a software developed from scratch with the idea of being a “living  solution”, therefore, changeable and adaptable to new technologies and systems. Therefore, It is not necessary to use external modules, all functions are integrated into the core of our software. All included in a single solution, even if some of these features are not used, they are available for a future use.

PPM Software Flexible solution

Flexible and scalable

Triskell has many features and functions but you won’t always need all of them for your company. One advantage of this program is that people can fully adapt to their working system and structural needs. It’s not the same being a transnational construction company than a small textile enterprise.

PPM Software Multiportfolio solution


Triskell allows the creation of various types of portfolios to manage objects, such as Products, Projects, Maintenance, Applications, Investment and more. Portfolios are hierarchical, with different targets and breakdown structures which can be related to other portfolios.

Some of our customers


“Having a solution like TRISKELL provides an unified view of our Project Portfolio for management reporting and decision making.”

Alexandre Azevedo – PMO

Habber Tec

“We evaluated several PPM Softwares and were amazed at how easy and flexible TRISKELL is. The implementation team demonstrated a strong knowledge of Project & Portfolio Management and PMOs needs.”

Fernando Arencibia – CEO


“Triskell was a great help for us allowing better and simpler project management, managing our new agile change and release management, providing actual KPI control and an effective way to manage capacity and time spent. The result was above the initial expectations.”

Rui Rodrigues – Information Systems Director


“TRISKELL SaaS model has the advantage of allowing us to access information and knowledge anytime and anywhere. Using TRISKELL, we avoid integration problems with any tool in our company and we reduced our internal costs of systems maintenance.”

Daniel Neves – Chief Marketing Officer