From Strategic Planning to Project Execution & Product Delivery

Hybrid Solutions where Project Portfolio Management meets Strategic Planning and Roadmap functionality to gain visibility and increase productivity

Strategy Execution and Project Portfolio Management Solutions

Built on Triskell Platform

Strategy Execution

Triskell SEM – Align Strategy & Execution
Reach your goals.

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Project Portfolio Management

Triskell PPM – Organize, Manage and Gain Visibility to Improve performance.

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Agile Portfolio Management

Triskell SAFe – Scaled Agile at the Enterprise level for all Industries.

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Hybrid Bi-Modal PPM

Triskell HYBRID – Manage your Agile Transformation smoothly.

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Heads-up PPM Monitoring

Triskell KPI – Get Powerful Cockpit to drive and Improve your Business.

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Resource Management

Triskell REM – Streamline and Optimize Ressource Planning and Management.

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Different departments, portfolios, needs, and governance systems. Triskell brings them all together so that you can get a clear global overview.

One Tool For Everyone, Real Enterprise Portfolio Management

Triskell provides an extremely flexible and powerful way to manage different business objectives on one single platform. Your organization can create, analyze, combine, add, and link different portfolios while each maintains it’s own unique repository of objects.

Triskell supports different Governance Systems and Portfolio Management approaches, like Strategic, Agile & Waterfall frameworks to fit with all kinds of requirements and users you may have within your organization.

Build Your Roadmap to Success with Triskell

The Triskell Platform

Digitize your success; end the chaos. 

The Triskell platform allows you to configure modern, easy-to-use applications to manage all your business processes and to meet the needs of your users. With a few clicks, you can create apps, extend or simplify existing ones to perfectly match your needs. Get rid of the spreadsheet jungle that overwhelms you and that is part of all strategic planning, portfolios, projects, products and other processes.

Limited only by your imagination.

The day we developed Triskell, our goal was to give back the power to customers. With Triskell’s incredibly comprehensive object model, organizations can configure the exact solution they need and deserve without any costs or difficulties to maintain customization.

Build your way to success with Triskell.


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