Manage Project Portfolios, support company strategy, exactly the way you want.

Manage Project Portfolios, support company strategy, exactly the way you want.

SaaS Project Portfolio Management to get the real time pictures of your organization and resources.


Focus on the right projects; make the right decisions; which project to start and which one to stop.

Have a clear view which project delivers value to your organization.


Strategic Alignment across Project Portfolios

Intuitive Project Portfolio Management tools to identify which project delivers value or not to the organization in order to initiate, prioritize or stop the correct Projects and Programs.

Combine financial, qualitative and strategic analysis in a Single Cloud PPM Software

Triskell allows you to define Scorecards with multiple weighted criteria in order to identify projects with the highest ROI / linkage to strategy.
Read more about Strategy Execution.

PPM Software to support Strategy

Image Triskell PPM-Factory PPM to Support Strategy

Portfolio Monitoring and Planning

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Maximize ROI

Efficient Portfolio Planning

Thanks to Triskell’s easy-to-use Masterplan, Project and Initiative Scoring and Powerful Scenario Definition and Simulation, you can ensure you are taking on the right projects.

Get Portfolios and Projects under control

Minimize discrepancy failure by gaining complete control over your project deliverables. Identify potential problems early in the project and provide the visibility to take corrective action before any resourcing or financial impact can occur.

Get the full picture and drill-down into details

Triskell provides a single and consolidated view of any project, program, and portfolio status to improve governance by allowing executives, portfolio managers as well as project managers to make better project decisions.
Read more about Master Plan and Planning.

Align Resource Management with Business Priorities

With Triskell PPM Software you get a better understanding of your future staffing needs across the entire project portfolio, by either department or resource types.
By aligning resource demand with resource capability, Triskell provides effective Resource Management and ensures better ROI minimizing bench time.
Read more about Resource Management.

Clear Planning forecast of Resource Demand and Costs

Easy top down resource staffing to get a clear view of future needs and costs, including scenario definition to perform “what-if?” analysis.
Read more about Scenarios and What if?

Maximize Resource Usage

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Maximize Resource Usage

Financial Management

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Flexible Budget and Forcasting

Get Budget under Control

Triskell financial Management allows you to compare real-time operational forecasts with actual project costs and planned future project expenditure to get an accurate and up to date picture of budget consumption.

Adapt budget on the go

Triskell enables organizations to dynamically manage the budget allocation process and analyse trends between investment estimates, allocated budgets, forecasts and actual expenditure.
Read more about Financial Management.

Easy to use Simulation and Scenario Modeling

With Triskell one can create different scenarios to build and plan the right set of programs and projects to suit your financial and resource capacities or understand how to reach your objectives considering all existing projects and project requests.
Read more on Simulation and Scenario.

Configurable dashboard and reports 

Triskell offers a comprehensive range of reporting and analytics options, namely Configurable Dashboards, Grid Views, Kanbans, Master Plans, Reports and Datamart. These options ensure that you get the right information at the right time.
Read more on Reporting and Dashboards.

Project Porfolio Analysis

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