Transformation Planning and Organizational Change

Fill the Gap between Strategy Development and Deployment

Align, prioritise, execute and track the impact of your business transformation programs and Initiatives.


A Clear Transformation Process

The way to create a better Organisation

Get all stakeholders on the same page agreeing on changes that are necessary to improve the organisation to face future challenges better and achieve upcoming company’s goals and targets. Design a new organisation to take ownership and accountability of the transformation program.

Transformation Program to Transform your Organisation

Combines Change Management to share visions and attitudes with the logical organisation about tasks and activities required in order to deliver expected output (project management) to manage your journey to effective transformation.

Optimize. Be proactive and not reactive

Triskell allows you to escalate any risk, issue or unforeseen invent, while supporting any strategy changes at any time. This way you stay on the top of your transformation program and ensure a proactive attitude.

Optimise Strategy Execution

Not all strategy execution requires Transformation Management, but all Transformation Programs will be strategic. With Triskell you can easily link your Transformation Program and Initiatives to strategic goals. You can review them and their priorities at all times.
You know how to implement your strategy quickly.  Triskell provides a real-time clear view of each initiative expected and actuals benefits, helping you to prioritise them at any time when your strategy will evolve.  Stay on top; always be proactive and not reactive.
Read more about Strategy Execution.

A clear Added Value to Your Strategy Definition.

Track impact, not just activity

Break Down Goals Into Programs and Initiatives

With Triskell you can create your program and business initiatives to support your transformation program and focus on strategic goals and/or benefits rather than on delivery.  Share KPI and target across your organisation to define and review priorities “adopting a continuous improvement” approach.
Read more about Goal Definition.

Align Organisation Resources to serve Transformation Program

Ensure to use your human and finance resources on the right programs and initiatives.  Use powerful and easy-to-use “What-if” functionalities to understand how you can achieve your transformation goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Read more about What if? features.

Create visibility on the Actual and Expected Impact of Transformation Program

Triskell creates an instant vision of achieved benefits and possible variance thanks to its unique roll-up capabilities to track benefit values and KPI across strategic goals, programs and initiatives.

Ensure change Acceptance

With Triskell you build transformation accountability and change adoption providing a clear vision for each stakeholder and employee to the changes and the transformation program.

Give Confidence and Get Acceptance

Avoid Hazardous Effect

Changement is Always a Risk

This is why Triskell combines change and transformation management with efficient and pragmatic risk management features.  List and assess all related risks. Create and manage mitigation plans. Run simulations to compare different scenarios and measure the impact and potential risk consequences.
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