Align IT Demand with Business Strategy

Transform IT Into an Organization and Benefit Acceleratos

IT Portfolio Management.

Improve business performance with:

  • integrated demand pipeline,

  • planning, and budgeting,

  • risk management,

  • reporting and,

  • forecasting functions supporting your strategy.


Achieve corporate goals

By using Triskell IT Portfolio Management, organizations can align their IT projects and resources with corporate business objectives.

Business-based decision making

Many IT organizations lack a consistent, accountable body for decision making. Triskell provides a decision-making framework that helps ensure IT decisions are aligned with the overall business strategy; IT participates in setting business goals and directions, establishing standards, and prioritizing investments.
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Closer Alignment of IT with Business Strategy

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Business Strategy

Better IT Governance

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Better It Governance

Is your IT delivering the expected results?

Triskell  IT Portfolio Management bridges the gap between business managers and the practitioners who deliver the projects; it ensures consistent processes across projects and helps managers to assess project status in real-time, predict project outcomes, and identify inter-project dependencies.
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More predictable project outcomes

Triskell helps managers monitor project progress in real time and provides detailed data to help satisfy compliance specifications.

Project demand under control.

Some IT organizations launch more projects than they can handle effectively, and they neglect to set project priorities based on business objectives.
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Limited IT Budgets and Resources

Most organizations need to improve the way they use their existing resources in order to maximize productivity. This applies to people and tools.

Cost reductions and productivity increases

Triskell helps managers identify redundancies and allocate resources appropriately; it enables them to make better IT staffing and outsourcing decisions and to spot opportunities for asset re-use.
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Maximize ROI on IT Budget

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Maximize ROI on IT Budget

A single Cloud solution providing all necessary functions

Image Triskell PPM-Factory SaaS Cloud Solution

Deploy a company wide solution including:

  • Demand management
  • Capacity management
  • Resource management
  • Portfolio management
  • Project and program management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Financial management
  • Application portfolio management
  • IT service management

One single solution for all.

With Triskell, you can manage on the same instance heterogeneous portfolios of demands, business projects or IT projects and link these related objects for a full and comprehensive management of your activity.

Because one site doesn’t fit all

At Triskell Software we know that every business is different, this is why using extrem Triskell allows to adapt, extend your environment by adding, updating business object and rules on the flight, with no coding.

Support your today’s and tomorrows business needs

Triskell is so flexible that it allows you to modelize any methodology, any process, any business object. This is a unique way to secure your investment and maximize your ROI.

Limited only by your Imagination

Immage Triskell PPM-Factory Limited only by your Imagination