Triskell supports demand management processes (Project and non-Project requests).

In order to select which project initiatives will be the most beneficial to your organization.


Centralized Demand Management 

Triskell demands management solution which allows any user to submit ideas, requests or suggestions through customer-defined forms. Demands are centralized in a single, collaborative space, to structure the review and approval process.
Real time access to demands.  Before you can get the best out of your portfolios and resources, you need to know what’s coming next from every corner of the organization. Triskell provides a central hub to manage and prioritize demand.
Image Triskell PPM-Factory Demand Management

Prioritize Project Requests According to Business Strategy

Image riskell PPM-Factory Prioritize According to Business Strategy

How to Prioritize Ideas and Requests

Triskell Configurable Scorecards and demand evaluation criteria support you in making objective decisions. Because you can see all demands in real time, you can make more informed decisions on what to progress into your new product portfolio.

Prioritizing new investments with business priorities

Lack of strategic alignment capabilities often creates a “first in, first out” process without considering resource availability, or the risk and strategic importance of projects and demands. Triskell ensures that forecasting and planning activities are fully synchronized with project execution and management, meaning project decisions are based strictly on business value, as well as the status of the existing project portfolio, your overall capability to deliver and your budget and financial constraints.
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Flexible Demand Management Process

Using Triskell workflow modelling capability, multiple demands like product ideas or work requests can be defined and processed through simple or complex role based reviews and approval steps. This allows organizations to manage the full life cycle of incoming demands of any type and optimize their fulfilment according to their business objectives and priorities.
Triskell allows ideas to be converted rapidly into new product initiatives, or work requests to be embedded into existing projects, or generate new investment proposals.
The Demand Management can be deployed to stand alone or to be integrated with the portfolio management capabilities of Triskell. 
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Streamline Demand Review and Evaluation Process

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Business Processes

Easy customizable Request Forms

From a simple request to Formal Business cases

Depending on the nature of projects, the maturity of your teams and their requests can be very different and this is why Triskell allows you to define your own request forms.  You can, therefore, make it as simple or as complex as you need, including scoring, business case description, etc. if needed.
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