With Triskell’s Financial Management capabilities, you can manage company’s portfolio with real-time visibility into financial performance from budgeting through collection of actual costs.


Flexible and Powerful Project, Program and Portfolio Budgeting  

Triskell financial Management lets you define budget structures the way you prefer:
  • Top-down, Bottom-up or a mix of both
  • Public and private versions (i.e. budget, forecast, actuals.
  • Up to 5 analysis axes for data entry (i.e. cost types, regions, resource types, budgetary buckets) with automatic aggregations.
  • Multi-currency for budgeting
  • Multi-timeframe: enter and view data by month, quarter, year or globally.
  • Automatic rating of amounts based on custom rate tables.

Provide Agile Budgeting Process

When it comes to the budgeting process, Triskell meets the needs of all those involved. Triskell provides these roles with clear and precise information relating to their budgeting requirements, funding decisions and expected benefits from investments and projects.
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Flexible Budget and Forecasting

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Flexible Budget and Forcasting

Manage the Financial Health of your Organization

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Financial health

Aligned Investment with Business Strategy

In addition to managing the financial approval and on-going monitoring of multi-year investments, Triskell provides unparalleled capabilities to help organizations build operational budgets that reflect their priorities and objectives, Triskell provides visibility to understand where resources are committed as well as the impact initiatives have on budgets. It enables the on-going alignment of functional budgets and the investments that support the organization’s strategy.

A clear link between Funds and Results

Budgets truly reflect strategic and operational priorities and can be closely linked to measurable output targets, whether financial or otherwise.
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Gain Real Time Visibility into Projects, Programs and Portfolios

Triskell financial Management allows you to compare on real time operational forecasts with actual project costs and planned future project expenditure to get accurate, and up to date picture of budget consumption.

Adapt budget on the go

Triskell enables organizations to dynamically manage the budget allocation process and analyse trends between investment estimates, allocated budgets, forecasts and actual expenditure.
Reduce project costs and budget overruns by providing improved monitoring and early management corrective action, along with increased visibility into budgets, prioritization and return on project investments.
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Accurate Finance Tracking

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Accurate Finance Tracking

Financial Integration

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Financial Integration

Seamlessly integration to avoid data inconsistency and avoid double data entry

Triskell enables powerful financial management processes that integrate with Financial systems (ERP) to enable charge-back processes and financial reconciliation. Based on standard API and web services, we can provide integration with all ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics among others.
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“One of the problems with the budgeting process today is its inability to dynamically link strategy planning with available resources, actual execution and results,” says Philippe Menereuilt CEO of Triskell, “ In an ever-changing business environment, our customers are looking at seizing market opportunities more rapidly. Triskell platform allows organizations to rely on a more agile resource allocation process to redirect funds where the expected return is greatest."