From Strategy Definition to Program and Project Execution.

One single tool to put strategy definitin and execution under a single umbrella.

Fill the gap between Strategy and Execution and be able to get rid of complex spreadsheets by easily getting benefits tracking with powerful goal definition and cascading

Triskell Stategic Planning

Formalize Strategy

Transform Vision into action

No matter which strategy tools or framework (Scorecards, Horizon or other) you have chosen, Triskell allows you to easily break your strategy down into goals, programs and projects.

One single solution to get a single version of the truth

As a Strategy Manager, you need to get a clear understanding of your strategy execution. By having strategy definition and execution under one single umbrella, you can be proactive and ensure alignment at all times.
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Drive Alignment

A  combination of Balanced Score cards and S.M.A.R.T goals linked with Programs and Projects, with easy goal cascading, allows Strategy Managers to align Strategies under control. Triskell’s powerful roll-out functionality ensures easy tracking of strategy contributions of any piece of the execution plan.

Articulate Strategy Planning.

Cascading goals into program and projects and using Triskell resources management and What if capabilities, help Strategy Managers to get the best possible execution planning.  Leverage Master plans, Agile planning and Gantt, according to your needs and expectation in order to define responsibilities and timelines to plan and adapt your strategy execution.

Ensure Strategy Execution

Track progress

Get a clear vision of whether every part of your execution plan delivers strategic objectives or not

As a strategy manager you need to know which Program, Initiative, Projects deliver the expected results or not. Triskell provides the tools to track roll-up qualitative and quantitative measures to monitor progress.

Smart KPI to focus on benefits and not only on deliveries

One of the most important challenges for Strategy Manager is to stay focused on mid- and long terms objectives instead of operational delivery.  Creating and managing smart KPI to track strategy contributions and benefits across the board, will provide strategy managers to stay focused.
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Get everyone on the same page

Triskell provides real-time visibility of the Strategy Execution, providing all stakeholder and contributors with a clear picture of actual initiative goals status versus expected values and their contribution to the overall strategy.

Dashboards and Reports.

Thanks to Triskell all strategy managers can get and provide the organisation with dashboards and reporting to ensure effective governance and communication about the strategy execution.
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Online collaboration and document management.

Get everyone involved and ensure system adoption by letting people share and comment on any piece of information. Get everything in one single location by storing all Strategy and Strategy Execution documents in one single place.
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Communicate and Collaborate