Empower to team and individuals

Improve collaboration and adoption.

Internal and external stakeholders need to stay informed and be able to share comments or to update information as well as collaborating with others easily.

Friendly home page

Easy to use home page and intuitive navigation shortcut

Triskell user home page provides a single screen where each stakeholders can see everything he should do or take care of in one single view.

Smart favourite and Subscription feeds

Thanks to Triskell favourite and discussion subscription users can directly stay informed and directly get access to selected objects, like projects, goals, deliverables, etc from their homepage.

Interactive Personal Calendar

Triskell allows you to define what you want to see on your calendar, as well as what time range you prefer to use.  With a simple click you can get direct access to any objects displayed in your calendar.

Add and share rich comments

Triskell advance comment management allows starting multiple forum discussion on any piece of information to achieve real collaboration.

Triskell keeps you informed

Thanks to Triskell alerts and email notifications you can get warnings and reminders when necessary. The information comes to you.

Easy collaboration

Submit Request and Ideas

Open Demand Management to everyone

Triskell’s extreme flexibility allows you to create forms to easily collect project requests or initiatives ideas from any external or internal contributor.