In every organization today, multiple initiatives and projects are running simultaneously.


Resource management is becoming increasingly important.

This creates a need for continual control in order to maximize organizations’ most important assets: their human resources.


Top-Down Approach

Top-Down Resource Allocation allows you to start planning the supply and demand of generic resources (Developer, Technician, Engineer, etc.), rather than named resource at Portfolio, Program or Project level. This way you have a clear understanding of overall resource constraints and costs, without having to jump into Project plans and execution details.
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You know what you can and cannot achieve

Triskell Resource Management gives you the right tools to communicate what the organization can and cannot complete given resource constraints and helps to set the right expectations and goals.
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Resource Capacity Planning

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Resource Capacity Planning

Track and Plan your Resources

Easy to use Macro and detailed Project Planning Tools

Improve your Planning using Triskell high-level resource demand management tools with detailed project planning using Gantt Chart or Agile framework.

Clear Resource Workload Tracking

Go beyond standard Project Portfolio Resource management, tracking resource workload across the whole organisation including project and non-project activities.
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What if scenario planning

Image Triskell PPM-Factory What if scenario

Plan A or Plan B?

Most of the time managers have to choose between various options or have to prevent or undertake organizational changes.  Triskell Resource Management provides the tools to define and compare different scenarios to align capacity with demand at any level across the enterprise, portfolios, departments, and teams.
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You know Who, What, When and How Much

Easy to use timesheets allow resources to record the time they have spent on project and non-project activities according to the period and granularity of their choice. This provides managers with a clear understanding of resource usage and associated costs.
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A Complete Picture of Resource Usage and Costs.

With Triskell you know who is working on what, and how much it costs. A complete picture of resource usage and the financial implications (including budgets, costs and margins) can be identified from the many dashboards and reports delivered by the system.
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Time tracking

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Time Tracking

Collaboration & Team Work

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Collaboration & Team Work

Support Team Work with Social collaboration tools

Triskell provides the necessary tool to support social team collaboration where it belongs, discussion posts are to objects (Portfolios, Projects, Deliverable, tasks and more).

Foster team collaboration with workflow automation

Triskell Workflow and lifecycle designer let you modelize and streamline any business process to ensure user adoption of company standards and methods while making their life easier. Get rid of pending approvals !!!
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