At Triskell we know System Integration is a Key Feature. This this why Triskell is fully open and designed to be connected with other Applications

Easy plug-in to your IT Eco system

A Triskell we know that Integration is no longer a nice to have, in today’s world It is a must.
To improve their performance, organizations can’t afford to use disconnected systems to achieve their business goals, even leveraging the cloud technology.
Triskell provides a suite of standard integration tools adapted to your business and needs, in order to support any kind of technology or solution you choose around Triskell Portfolio Management solution.

Connected to the IT World

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Financial Integration


Triskell PPM-Factory restapi

Integration with anything.

Triskell Rest API is the warranty for integration with any of your current applications such as SAP,  Oracle, Microsoft,  Jira, Salesforce and any other application part of your IT Eco systems.
The Triskell Rest API is also the key which opens the definition of any business rules in your Triskell business object modelization.

Zappier. Easily connect Triskell with standard application

Triskell Zappier integration allows organisations to connect their Portfolio Management system with their favourite application supporting their daily business, like Gmail, Outlook and many others.

Build workflows across applications and automate data flows

With Triskell Zapier integration you can move data between your apps and create automated workflows across applications.

Connect Your Apps and Automate Workflows


SOA Support

Triskell PPM-Factory SOA

Transform your business with an application network

For those who require stronger integration capabilities, and want to avoid point to point integration, Triskell support, for instance, Mulesoft connectors, providing integration with standard applications like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforces and many others.
Drastically reduce development time with the speed and agility of a highly-flexible design environment, pre-built components for standards-based architecture, and developer-friendly open source tools.