Triskell Software at the heart of the IT Department of Système U



Système U is a French retailers’ cooperative, comprising about eight hundred independent hypermarkets and supermarkets, employing 63 000 collaborators with a turnover of € 23.6 billion. It owns the trademarks Hyper U, Super U, Marché U and Utile, which are used by its members.

Established in 2011, IRIS, the entity in charge of the group’s IT (1 500 stores), covering all aspects from support functions to operations, and from the operational maintenance to development projects. IRIS has about 500 employees.


IRIS had a lot of difficulties to upgrade its traditional on premise PPM solution in place for ten years.

Significant increases in maintenance renewals, as well as a failure of price negotiation with the vendor, led to the decision to replace the existing PPM product.

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