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Extending the Project and Product Ecosystem to Lean Portfolio Management

Most agile transitions start in IT, challenging established processes and mindsets. In order to gain greater benefits, PPM leaders must extend their ecosystem to the portfolio level using lean portfolio management to provide visibility, alignment and communication of both strategy and execution.

Discover in 30 minutes:

  • Embrace an adaptive strategy process by setting long-term goals, but review annually to ensure expected outcomes still retain their value.
  • Align team and individual KPIs to the enterprise strategy rather than to short-term goals to regularly monitor progress.
  • Ensure that the feedback or “catchball” process is in place to enable continuous feedback and faster decision making.

30 min + live Q&A

About Triskell

Triskell is a true Enterprise solution focused on Strategy Execution Management with advanced Project Portfolio Management features, helping to fill the gap between planning and proper execution. Triskell allows companies to plan, prioritize, manage and monitor their organization's initiatives. It includes tools for demand management, capacity management, project portfolio management, application portfolio management, resource management, financial management, waterfall and agile project management, and IT service portfolio management.

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