Our implementation & Optimization Service Takes You Where You Want to Go

Out of the Box Solution

Triskell Xpres. Pre-configured PPM and SEM Solutions including Professional Services. To be up and running in a few weeks.

Tailored Solution Design

Triskell is fully configurable. We help you configure any kinds of portfolio applications to support your business.


We have done this over and over! Rely on our team and knowledge to take you where you need to be. You will be assigned a consultant to guide you from start to finish.


Offered online or on-site. Custom training tailored to your needs to reduce the learning curve and optimize software adoptions.


From basic technical support to extended personalized SLA, we can deliver the exact level of support you need.


Triskell is fully open and designed to be connected with other Applications. We can help you to integrate Triskell with any other system.

Maximize ROI and reduce deployment period

Combining strong business knowledge background with deep Triskell design and configuration knowledge, our consultants help you to configure your portfolio Management System and to deploy it quickly

Avoid time-consuming training

Because with Triskell you design the exact solution for your need for every kind of actor in your organization, people will quickly adopt the solution and love the easy to use and consistent user interface. Our consultants will help you to streamline this adoption process.

We guide you to meet your objectives on time

Image Triskell PPM-Factory More Project on Target

Maximize Your Investment

Triskell Software proposes a full range of services to help you to design, implement, deploy and maintain your Portfolio Solution quickly and at the best possible price

Maximize your return on investment. At Triskell we know that every company is different, so we offer a complete set of services to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-use solution or a tailor-made solution, we have what you need and we know how to help you get the most out of it as quickly as possible.
Reduce your cost by outsourcing everything you need or want, depending on your financial and human constraints. Once again Triskell breaks the barriers and gives you more flexibility and power to execute.

We are very good at what we do!

Our consultants combine Triskell Software expertise with strong portfolio-management expertise. A dedicated consultant will guide you from start to finish.

We provide:

• Contextual solutions adapted to customers’ maturity
• Highly scalable and progressive solutions
• Organization, Processes and Company culture assessments
• Agile approach though the whole lifecycle of the project
• Short learning curve to insure user adoption
• To get you started and keep you going

How we do it:

• Strong scoping phase to secure the project (based on Innovation Games®)
• Agile approach based on prioritized backlog
• Iterative workshops allowing regular prototype validation
• Full assistance from project scoping up to roll-out phase
• Strong knowledge and feedback on Portfolio, Program & Project Management processes and tool implementations