Go beyond traditional Project Oriented Resource Management

Manage Resource allocation at any level across any kind of portfolio or activities.  Triskell lets you manage the available capacity and real assignment for any kind of work a resource may be involved in, like projects, tasks, risk tracking, and routines task.  This dramatically simplifies the resource management process and avoids any unnecessary micro project management overheads.

Simple and effective Demand Planning.

With Triskell it is easy to align resource capacity, demand, running activities and business strategy in order to maximize the ROI of your most important asset, your resources.

Resource Capacity Planning


A real Support for the Resource Allocation Process


Combine Bottom-up and Top-Down Approach

Triskell allows resource allocation and management at any level with advanced roll-up and break-down capabilities to satisfy the Portfolio Managers, Resource Managers as well as Project Managers.

 Streamline Communication with Portfolio and Project Managers

Triskell resource management capabilities enable and simplify the communication process between resource managers, portfolio managers and project managers.  These capabilities help you decide which resource allocation process is the right fit for your organization, Triskell will support this as well as the resource allocation requests that goes hand in hand with the formal approval process.

Feature Rich Gantt Chart with real Resource Management


Detailed planning with Clear view of Resource Usage to Prevent any Allocation Conflict

Easy-to-use web based Gantt-chart with real-time display of resource usage and overbooking to make the project manager’s life as easier.

Graphically identify over allocation directly during project planning and staffing.

Resource managers get a real-time view of project plans including actuals updates through approved timesheets, enabling the efficient management of resources across projects

Real Resource Cost Tracking to Identify any Discrepancies

Triskell Top-Down approach helps you to develop costs estimates at any level of portfolios, programs, and projects and combine an easy to use bottom-up approach to track actual costs.  When necessary, Triskell’s unique roll-up functions allow you to compare actual costs at any time and any level in order to budget, allocated, and plan ahead.

Advance Resource Cost and Rate Management

Triskell allows you to define tables and matrix to support your when assigning cost and billing rates for internal and external resources. Tables and matrix can be organized, by location, department, project, or customers, as well as any combination of them.

Clear Resource Cost Forecasting and Tracking


Time Tracking for Real Resource Usage Tracking


Input Time on any Objects not only on Tasks

Triskell’s easy-to-use timesheets allow resources to record the time they have spent on project as well as non-project activities according to the period and granularity of their choice. This provides managers with a clear understanding of the resource usage and associated costs thereof.


Quickly review, approve or reject timesheets

If you’re using timesheets to generate paychecks, invoices or reports,  you will need some kind of approval system. Employees and managers love the simplicity of Triskell’s timesheet submission and approval process at resource level, project level, or both.

Because one site doesn’t fit all

At Triskell Software we know that every business is different, this is why leveraging Triskell extreme flexibility allows to adapt, extend your environment by adding, updating business object and rules on the flight, with no coding.

Support your today’s and tomorrows business needs

Limited only by your Imagination

Immage Triskell PPM-Factory Limited only by your Imagination