With Triskell What-if capabilities, stop Gambling, make accurate decision, anticipate changes, simulate different scenarios to ensure maximum performance

Prioritize the Right Projects and Programs and initiatives

With Triskell simulation functions, you can easily optimize your portfolios to get the best set of Projects, initiatives to meet your goals in accordance with business priorities and available capacities. Prioritization and Portfolio building have never been so easy.

Optimize resource usage according to priorities

Triskell What-if analysis make easy to choose which project to start or not, to shift or not in order to optimize your resource usage and deliver expected results according to priority and Strategy.

Prioritization and Optimization


Quickly adapt to changes in strategy

Triskell PPM-Factory adapt-change

Make accurate decision to adapt to changes

In today world plans and strategy evolves every day. Triskell Simulation functions give managers the necessary tool to anticipate and asses possible impact and results of those business discrepancies and evolution.
Take informed decisions in order to plan or re-plan your portfolios to stay aligned with business priorities and financial and human resources capacities.
Triskell gives a maximum of agility in order to support your business.

Scenarios & Simulations on every Object

Triskell supports “What if” scenarios on any object. For example, users can build scenarios on a list of projects, products, issues, deliverables or risks.
Scenarios use numeric attributes or time-phased attributes to express a capacity like budget (warning if exceeded) or a target like benefits (warning if not reached).
Users can select and order a set of objects (i.e. projects) to prioritize them and to measure their impact on capacities and targets, all that graphically.
Users can delay objects to optimize the scenario.  Results are saved as attributes for each object and as versions (for time-phased attributes) for further analysis and decision making.

Easy to use What-if functions


Easy to Use Visual Tools

Interactive Gantt views to play with your timeline. Simple drag & drop to play with the whole timeline

No matter if you want to manage scenarios regarding resources, financial capacity or output our potential benefits, color coded Gantt charts allow you to easily drag & drop initiatives, project requests, projects, etc. to visually understand its impact, and to have a clear view on how to organize your team line to achieve your goals respecting your resource and financial constraints.