With Triskell’s you get all necessary tools to plan an execute your strategy or Transformation Program.

Easily translate your Strategy Map into a Balanced Scorecards

Triskell’s comprehensive and highly configurable Balanced Scorecards will allow you to break down Strategic Objectives into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Strategic Initiatives.

Manage big-picture strategy

Triskell automatically rolls up your KPIs to strategic objectives and initiatives so you can see how well you are executing on your overall strategy.

Balanced Scorecards


Goal Setting is The Key to All Successful Strategy Execution or Transformation Programs

Being able to articulate goals appropriately and to link them to project and program executions as well as strategic outcome is the key point to ensure that you focus on strategy alignment.

Be SMART and use Triskell extremely configurable goals and KPI definition

Ensure that you articulate your goal properly to make them real tools for success and to benefit tracking.

Make Goal Tracking a real Strategy Execution and Transformation Program tracking tool.

Thanks toTriskell’s extremely powerful and configurable roll-up functionalities, you can cascade your goals and KPIs across the entire plan through all Programs and Business Initiatives.

Align Responsibility and Timeline with organization capacity to achieve Company Goals

Strategy Execution and Transformation plans require a lot of financial and human resources. It rarely happens that they have dedicated resource. Therefore strong human resource management and finance and budget management functionalities are a must for managers to know on what to focus their resources in order to achieve success.

Get everyone on the same page

With Triskell Strategic Planning and visual Master Plan that visualise Initiatives, Program and Project in an easy-to-understand timeline, you provide managers and stakeholders full visibility of the plan.

Effective Strategic Planning

Extremely and Easily configurable

Image Triskell PPM-Factory Extreme Flexibility

Designed to support any Strategy Execution or Transformation Program Framework and Methodology

No matter if you are using balanced scorecards, Mackinsey Horizon, SAP Transformation Framework or the “8 Model”, SMART Goals Triskell can be adapted to your preferred framework and how you use it. No coding, no customization; just configuration.